Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Favorite Things....

Ok - it's JUNE 1st....and it's H - O - T hot outside. Did you see the weather forecast for this week???? 99, 100, 101, 102 - MERCY!!! So much for easing into summer!
But instead of whining and complaining (like I want to do), let's remind each other about all of the fabulous things about summer.

I want to hear from YOU......

What is your favorite thing about summer?

Here's mine:
Favorite time of day - when the sun starts going down till dark
Favorite treat - snow cones, Slurpee's or homemade slushies
Favorite activity - anything in or near water
Favorite thing - no schedules, sun-kissed cheeks, no make-up, having a tan (even my fatty parts look better with a tan!), lazy mornings, hanging with friends by the pool


Dagmar and Co. said...

Favorite things about summer?!

Favorite time of day - Sunrise watching before anybody wakes up in the house with a cup of coffee in my hand and listening to some doves......

Favorite treat - Strawberries and Milk rice and ICECREAM lots of it

Favorite Activity - a Book and me sitting at the ocean for a whole day and read ( happens only if we have a vacation and if Chris takes the kids)
- Water, Water..... swimming. My new favorite is the River in the Frisco Athletic Center. So awesome just being pulled along..... :-)

Favorite thing
- taking it less serious with schedules :-)
-Texas skies in the summer are just awesome, sun, sun and again sun!,
- sitting with Chris on the porch and just talk away in the evenings.

The best about summer is just being able to take it a bit easier and hang loose! :-)

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