Monday, June 21, 2010

Team Building

ok. I have a new favorite thing about summer and it's happening in spite of me...which I love!!

A little back story first:
My hubby, Erik, created this team mentality with the kids - Team Rogers - to connect us as a family. He often calls a huddle, rallies the team, then sets them off with a mission and an "all hands in - one, two, three: Team Rogers!". The kids love it! But - it seems like the team-ness of our team has dwindled a bit during the school year. Yes, we still rally behind each other, but different schools and schedules have unknowingly divided the kids a bit.

So back to my new favorite thing about the summer: team building.

I'm watching my kids come back together in the sweetest way this summer. They are choosing each other, deferring to each other and pulling together in a cool way - like a team again. They are working together, making decisions together and calling for each other when they wake up in morning (ok -that's just Cole, but it's pretty cute, none-the-less). And like I said - this is all happening in spite of me.

Next year my girls will be going to the same school for the first time (kindergarten and second grade) and I love knowing that they spent the summer growing together as a team. I have a sister and I know how things can go as they get older....high school wasn't pretty around our house between the two of us....but I pray that this precious bond they have now can endure through all the many stages ahead.

If nothing else, at least I know we'll have summers to draw us back together so that we can reestablish the team! So what about your team? How can you encourage a little team building around your house?


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